Madrid en Danza 2013

If you have yet to see any of the shows from the Madrid International Dance Festival, there is still time! This festival brings together 23 dance companies from around the world and is a must-see for any fans of dance!

The  event brings together a variety of difference dance styles, combining classic and modern dance that  includes everything from ballet to flamenco. There are shows every night in various venues throughout Madrid. The festival concludes on November 24th with a family-friendly dance show featuring the Gelabert Azzopardi Dance Company. Other participants of the festival include: Janet Novas , Iker Arrúe , Lesley Telford , Sharon Fridman , Lucio Baglivo , Manuel Linan , Mónica García , Rocío Molina , Lina Polyana , Elias Aguirre , Pablo Esbert and Jean Philippe Dury , Cesc Gelabert , Teresa Nieto , Sara Calero , Daniel Doña , Rafaela Carrasco , Nova Galega de Danza , Sonakay , Daniel Abreu , Carmen Werner and Nova Galega de Danza , besides Dairakudakan companies ( Japan ) , Angelin Preljocaj , Compagnie Dernière Minute Pierre Rigal (France ) , Akram Khan Company (United Kingdom) and Tao (China ) .

For more information, check the official Madrid En Danza festival webpage.

When: Every night from now until November 24th

Where: A variety of different venues in Madrid