Spanish design comes to life in handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces, now available to fashion lovers through a trendy new boutique in central Madrid. Ojalá! opened its doors at the end of July, and has been booming with business ever since. The stylish clothing store holds a colorful array of women’s garments by Paloma del Pozo, a Spanish designer who originally worked the runway before deciding to open her own shop—now offering the public admirably imaginative outfits.

Pozo draws her fashion inspiration from the theatrical and the whimsical, as well as from Oriental influences such as Russian and Asian designs. The result: truly unique fashion options that will make any woman stand out in a crowd. Take for instance an olive green coat, inspired by the stage, with high breast buttons and sunshine yellow embroidery that dances around the collar and the sleeves (250 euros). Or a close cut, cardinal red blazer featuring oversized buttons, navy embroidered details, and flared out coattails in the back (130 euros).  Asian influence is seen in knee-length, deep violet coat, with an A-frame shape and flared sleeves (250 euros). Pozo has also taken inspiration from childish freedom, seen in a line of black, sleeveless jumpers (355 euros each). Each dress is belted at the waste, and shows off a flashy band of colored fabric down the front. Shades range from dusty rose to hot pink; a sunset of oranges and yellows; multi-hued bands of gold, tangerine, olive, and violet; or dusky shades of silver, navy, and blue. No two jumpers are alike. Prices at Ojalá! can get a bit high, but cost comes with quality, as each piece is completely original in design and handmade from the best materials. Smaller items, such as shirts and skirts, run in the 30 to 70 euro price range.

Style not only applies to the dashing clothing at Ojalá!, but also extends to the chic boutique itself. The theatrical inspiration is reflected with black painted floors and walls, casually brushed over with strokes of silver, grey, and white. Bright accessories add pops of color to the scene—like tangerine rugs and low hanging, deep purple lamps. Two ornate silver mirrors allow clients to admire the garments, while photographs of the clothing on the runway inspire fashionable combinations. Run by Pozo and her assistant, shoppers are sure to receive personal attention during a shopping experience that is intimate, and also exhilarating—featuring truly unique and imaginative pieces that will not be found at any other store in the city.

30-355 euros

Address: Calle de las Huertas, 5
Neighborhood: Anton Martin
Metro: Anton Martin, Tirso de Molina, Sol
Telephone: 914 296 595

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

By Jane Caffrey

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4 thoughts on “SHOPS IN MADRID: Ojalá!

  1. Att. Jane Caffrey

    Dear Jane,
    I am the husband of Paloma del Pozo, designer and owner of Ojalá Design shop in Madrid. Some time ago we read your words about Ojalá and eversince we wanted to write you in order to thank you for your nice words about Paloma’s designs and our shop. We just loved your writting style, you described Paloma’s fashion even better than she would have done herselef. We wonder if you live in Madrid since we would like to make contact with you so please, give us a call or come back to the shop whenever you want. We will be pleased to have a chat with you and also explore possibilities.
    Awaiting your news,
    Best Regards,
    Agustín Ramos
    Ojalá Diseño,

  2. I just visited this wonderful shop during a special visit to Madrid. What great designs! Great service! Bought a memorable dress and can’t wait to visit again. Thank you, Nan Johnson, Richmond, Virginia, USA

  3. I accidentally came across Ojala! while strolling up the Calle de las Huertas and just had to go in. A beautiful shop full of wonderful, original, high quality clothing. Does anyone actually walk out without buying?! I couldn’t, and I just love the dress I bought. Ojala! is definitely on my shopping list whenever I visit Madrid!

    Louise, Manchester, England

  4. I just returned from Madrid and this beautiful shop was a few steps from the apartment my husband and I were renting. I of course strolled by it many times a day, so couldn’t resist going in. And I made many visits as a result and have returned to the US with 4 of their dresses! The owner, her husband and the fabulous shop assistant Julia who helped me, couldn’t have been nicer. I suppose it’s good that they aren’t in the US yet or I would be even more in debt credit-card-wise than I am! I can’t recommend this shop highly enough – it’s something I will remember for years and it will be my first stop when I have the good fortune to return to Madrid.

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