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Blue Note Cafe – Jazz music and drinks!

Café El Despertar – “A frozen moment in jazz history withantique fans, coat racks, cash registers, lighting fixtures and tablesall seemingly untouched by time.”

Populart – Live music every night including jazz performances, from classic big band style to modern.

Trocha – Ideal spot for drinking caipirinhas while listening to jazz.

BarCo – Quality live music venue that’s open late.



La Coquette – “Legendary Madrid blues bar. 25 Years in business.”

Populart – Live music seven days a week with solid blues acts



Wurlitzer Ballroom – “A place where you can hear Aretha Franklin,Guns’n’Roses, The Dead Boys, MC5, Marvin Gaye, Twisted Sister, and The Sonics within the same 30-minute timeframe.

El Perro de la Parte Atrás del Coche – “El Perro de la Parte Atras del Coche is a picture perfect example of anunderground bar.”

Gruta 77 – “Authentic live rock venue to check out the city´s best punk, garage rock, rockabilly, swamp, and generally bad-ass rock bands. Just south of the center of town.”

Escalera de Jacob – Poetry readings and monologues sometimes accompany the stage set for cool rock performances.

Sala Taboo – Alternative and hard rock shows always on cue.

El Fabuloso – The small stage and 50’s style setting will put you in the right place.

Sala Barracudas – Live hardcore music sets and dj sessions.

Ritmo & Compas – Music venue, studio space, and more!

Fotomaton Bar – Live alternative / indie groups, awesome djs, and great people.



Club Demode – A hip place with different djs practically every night.

Reina Bruja – “If you’ve ever been so bored that you’ve found yourself staring at youraquarium wondering what it would be like to be inside, you may want tocheck out the new late-night discoteca in town, the Reina Bruja. In the best way possible, it may actually give you some insight into that aquarium.”

Club Kapital – “One of Madrid’s most famous nightclubs. Seven floors of fun.”

La Ochenta – “80’s music without making you feel like you are in some cheesy theme bar.”

Dark Hole – Gothic nightclub equipped with DJ’s and big black industrial boots.

Magnet Club – Neon lighting, loud beats, classy bar….the works.

Marula Cafe – Dance venue dedicated to soul, afro beats, rap and others in a hip but also relaxed atmosphere

Supersonic – Self proclaimed as the “original Brit pop bar in Madrid”; expect precisely that.

Azucar – Serious salsa dancing club that also offers up lessons.

Velvet Room – Darn fine disco dancing.



Bambalam – “With soul and funk as a theme, you can hardly go wrong and the owners haven’t held back one iota.”

Boca del Lobo – “These DJs mix it up, but keep it groovy and funky. Concerts downstairs.”

Aguja Taberna – Crowded and rustic little place with a taste of funk but also rock and jazz.



Chill Bill – Offering live music, open mikes, and plenty of room to dance in, this Plaza de Castilla bar adds a bit of downtown to the upscale nieghborhood.

Nietzche Bar -“A new concept in bars, especially for this barrio, Nietzsche seeks toup the cultural ante. Whereas bohemian art bars are a dime a dozen inLavapiès, this space takes a more fine-arts approach.”


AFTER HOURS (places open after 6am).

Bar Trece (Open 6am-10am. This links to their web site. Review coming soon).


The Moon – “A great place to go if you enjoy emerging at closing time, bleary eyed,stumbling into the weak morning light, stinking of cigarette smoke.”

SuperMartxe – “Walking in from the lazy spring afternoon into the enormous, dark, frenetic, complex, with techno pounding and thousands of people dancing below you is a bizarre experience – one which even a full weekend of partying won’t prepare you for.”

Spank – DJ’s and lights abound in this new and popular club.

Oui – Elegantly designed and chic, this is both a bar and dance club.

A Noite – Gay shows and music in he heart of Chuecas.

Gris – A small, secretive and quite crowded bar.

Delirio – Small dance club featuring the loud and often raunchy music that characterizes some gay clubs.

Cool – The real deal: huge discotheque, fancy lights and very gay atmosphere.

Fulanita de tal – Popular lesbian bar, very loud music included.

Bar Nike – Simple cafeteria ideal for beer, smoking and starting the night.

Rick’s – Discreet, cheap and intimate, its more of a hang out bar than dance club.



La Venencia – “Taste Spain’s famed sherries.”

José Alfredos – “Have you been desperately searching for a bar that looks like a 1920sspeak-easy, sounds like a 1970s lounge and was inspired by traditionalMexican Rancheros?”


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