La Ochenta: an 80’s bar

80´s music bar

La Ochenta dance bar deftly accomplishes what so many bars attempt to do. They dish up all your favorite 80’s music without making you feel like you are in some cheesy theme bar. The pink and baby-blue walls capture something of the kitsch, faux-innocence of the decade, while the large-scale black and white photography provides reminders of the epoch’s grittier artistic side.

The crowd is very mixed, tending toward the alternative, but the vibe is friendly (read: no looming gothic egos to contend with). On the spectrum of dancing bars to standing bars, it ranks just in the middle – you can pretty much do as you please.

The drinks are on the cheap side, allowing you to chug away as you drift into syncopated Nina Hagen reveries.

La Ochenta
Calle Sombreria 8
Metro: Lava Pies
Wed – Sat 22:00 to 3:30

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