Seseña; Unlike any other store in the world

A glimpse inside Seseña

A glimpse inside Seseña

Seseña is one of the most classic stores in Madrid. Here, you’ll find a piece of clothing that so recognizably Spanish and incredibly chic. What is this amazing piece of clothing? Behold, the cape.

One of the stylish capes for women

One of the stylish capes for women

This store was opened in 1901, by a tailor named Santos Seseña Rojas. At the time, the cape was a very common piece of clothing in men’s wardrobes. Now, close to 50% of the clientele are women and it might be the only store in the world that makes and sells the capes onsite. These days, dignitaries, artists and even local musicians wear capes. Throughout various parts of Spain, you can see a music group called a “tuna”. These groups are usually made up of university students who play guitar and sing serenades to earn money. They also are stylishly dressed in capes. But the most recent edition of the cape fan club? Normal folks. Thanks in part to high-end designers, capes have made a comeback in recent years as a distinguished alternative to the winter coat.

A woman tries on a modern style of cape. Images via Seseñ

A woman tries on a modern style of cape. Images via Seseñ

If you’re looking for a truly unique piece of clothing to add to your repertoire, or need an unforgettable gift for a special someone, check out the Spanish capes at Seseña. You can try on the capes in person or visit their fantastic (and English-friendly) website.

Where: Seseña is located on Calle Cruz, 23

Metro: Sol

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