Adelita Market; a community exchange market


Among the various markets that take place during the weekends in Madrid is a new concept, that of bartering. Adelita Market is a great example of how local initiatives can turn into a positive endeavor that’s both good for the community and the environment.

Inside Adelita Market

Inside Adelita Market

This market began in 2010, when Lara Cañete, a Madrid local, realized there weren’t any permanent bartering markets in Madrid. She decided to start Adelita Market in order to bring an alternative, eco-friendly way of shopping.

Another look at Adelita Market

Another look at Adelita Market

It works very simply, you bring in any of your used items that you want to trade (in good condition) and start bartering. If you don’t have any used items, then work out a price for what you want.

When: This market takes place each month, but the next market is June 23rd

Check the Adelita Facebook page for dates

Where: Calle Espíritu Santo 23 (a co-working and community space)  (Metro Tribunal or Noviciado)

Metro: Tribunal or Noviciado

Hours: From noon until 9pm








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