The Best Tortilla in Madrid

Tortilla de Patata at Txirimiri

Tortilla de Patata at Txirimiri

The tortilla you’ll have in Spain is unlike any other type of tortilla you’ve ever had. It can be described as something between an omelet and quiche, but consists of a few basic ingredients; eggs, potatoes onions. This dish might just be the only thing you will find on every single breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, so you can eat it at any time. It is a prefect example of how something so simple can be so incredibly delicious when done right. Here are our top picks of where to find the best Spanish tortilla in Madrid.


Let’s say you want to go to a place where you can have great tortilla, but also a variety of other fantastic tapas. Where do you go? Head to Txirimiri (the Tx is pronounced like a Ch sound).  This is a local favorite for a great night out where you can expect a variety of fantastic food options, including their tortilla. They’ve got four locations throughout Madrid, making it easy to find one, regardless of where the day takes you.

Where: 4 locations in Madrid, check their site

Casa Dani

The tortilla you’ll find at Casa Dani is bueno, bonito y barato (delicious, beautiful and cheap). One racion (portion) of tortilla is enough for two people. If you’re planning a picnic at nearby Retiro park, you can have them pack it up to go and even purchase a whole tortilla, large enough for a group of 6-10 people. Casa Dani is also known for having one of the most reliable, home-cooked menu del dia in the Salamanca neighborhood. They post their menu del dia on their Facebook page daily. Keep in mind, portions are HUGE, make sure you bring your appetite.

Where: Inside the Mercado de la Paz

There are two entrances to the market, one on Lagasca, 49 or the one on Claudio Coello, 58

Metro: Serrano or Velasquez


Image via

Image via


Juana la Loca

Some people love caramelized onions and think they make everything taste better. If you are one of those folks, then the tortilla served at Juana la Loca is for you.  It is loaded with caramelized onions making the tortilla a bit on the sweet side and absolutely delicious. This is also a great option if you’re near in the cool place to be, the La Latina neighborhood.

Where: Plaza de Puerta de Moros, 4

Metro: La Latina



Inside Lacaña

Inside Lacaña

This is a great place if you’re near Madrid’s famous museums, as La Caña is about one block away from La Reina Sofia. Their tortilla is gooey in the middle, has a bit of caramelized onions and the portion is just right for one person. Come early, as they often sell out by lunchtime.  Another plus? You can also enjoy freshly squeezed all-natural fruit juices here.

Where: Calle de Santa Isabel 50

Metro: Atocha



Skylar is a perfect pick for a true, Madrid neighborhood place. Its similar to Casa Dani in that the portions are generous and the tortilla itself is also very good. You’ll find great croquettes as well as other traditional Spanish menu items, but mainly, you’ll want to come for the great tortilla.

Where: Calle Espronceda, 17

Metro: Rios Rosas or Alonso Cano

Casa de Diego

Casa de Diego in Madrid

Casa de Diego in Madrid

Madrid is a city with many small, family-owned shops that have been passed down from generation to generation. One of those shops is Casa de Diego. Since 1800, Casa de Diego has specialized in Spanish fans, umbrellas, canes, shawls and other accessories. Their original store was located just a couple of blocks away on Calle Carmen, and in 1858, they opened their current location in Puerta del Sol.

If you’re looking for a quality, handcrafted souvenir from Spain, this is just the place! Prices start at about 10 € and can go way up depending on the materials used and detail as everything is locally done by hand.

Which style do you like?

Which style do you like?

Once inside, let the very helpful and knowledgeable sales staff know what you want to spend and they will take out the items in your price range.

Casa de Diego is known for its high quality, so items that you purchase here are made with the best materials and will likely last longer than some of the cheaper imitation items you can get off the street. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything, its worth stopping by and admiring this Madrileño shop.

Where: Puerta del Sol, 12, Madrid

Metro: Sol


Best Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt in Madrid

Freshly scooped ice-cream at Mistura

Freshly scooped ice-cream at Mistura

One of the best ways to cool down during hot summer days is to enjoy a frozen treat. There are plenty of places to indulge in a cold, sweet treat, but here is our list of favorites. Whether you’re looking to indulge in ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt, here are our favorite spots in Madrid to pick up a scoop or two.


If you’re looking for healthy, all natural ice creams, this is your place! They have high-quality ice creams made with natural ingredients and without any added preservatives or sugars.

Address: Agusto Figuero, 5

Telephone: 91 755 63 91

Giuseppe Ricci

Lots of flavors to choose from at Giuseppe Ricci

Lots of flavors to choose from at Giuseppe Ricci

Known for their Italian-style gelatos, Giuseppe Ricci is one of the most well-know places for frozen treats in Madrid. Since most of their “ice cream” is actually gelato and many of the flavors are dairy-free.


Calle Huertas, 9

Phone: 91 642 6756

Llao Llao

Healthy toppings for frozen yogurt at Llao Llao

Healthy toppings for frozen yogurt at Llao Llao

This is one of those frozen yogurt places that just started to pop up everywhere, seemingly overnight. And we’re glad they did! They only have the natural flavor or frozen yogurt which you can customize with your favorite toppings, but several of their locations offer a special kids’ size for 1€ which even “big kids” can ask for. It’s the perfect size to satisfy your frozen yogurt craving and at a great price!

Where: Many locations in Madrid, check their site


Liavorno is of the oldest ice cream parlors in Madrid and also happens to be the place that caters to the Spanish Royals when they want ice cream.

Address: Plaza del Rollo, 2

Phone Number: 91 307 1658

O! My Good

This is another frozen yogurt place in Madrid that has various locations. The frozen yogurt here is natural flavor and you can choose from a variety of toppings.

Where: A variety of locations in Madrid


At Bruin, you’ll find flavors for sophisticated palates. Their 35 flavors include options like olive oil, cider and Idiazábal Cheese.

Address: Paseo de Pintor Rosales, 48

Phone Number: 917 10 30 26








Spain in a Nutshell: Madrid’s Wax Museum

The Seleccíon Española at the Wax Museum of Madrid

The Seleccíon Española at the Wax Museum of Madrid

If you’ve studied European history in high school, you probably didn’t learn much about Spain’s rich background or fascinating journey. A trip to the Prado or the Reina Sofia will enlighten you on Spanish art and higher culture. But if you like a good story, make sure you check out Madrid’s Wax Museum.

From El Cid to Justin Bieber, Franco to Marilyn Munroe, they’re all there!

A model of Cleopatra

A model of Cleopatra

In the middle of Plaza Colon, the Wax museum will provide entertainment for all ages and curiosities. The models are remarkably well done and the museum is a favourite of the likes of Spanish screenwriter Alex de la Iglesias

Models could probably be split into three main sections: History, which tracks the major characters and events in Spanish and world history; Culture, which covers inventors, a section on bull fighting famous Matadores, literati, and the silver screen; and Crime, which showcases famous criminal events in Spanish history and also a section on the Spanish Inquisition.

You can even find George Clooney at the Wax Museum!

You can even find George Clooney at the Wax Museum!

There is also a Tunnel of Terror, which could possibly be more aptly named a Tunnel of Adventure – it takes travelers from a haunted house, to the dinosaur age, through star wars sets and into Rambo’s jungle. (Note to parents: the Rambo section has a lot of gunfire, but that’s about it)

A model of Woody Allen

A model of Woody Allen

I recommend the audio guide if you are not familiar with history or famous faces, to get a bit of background and in case the art of wax sculpture in and of itself doesn’t intrigue you. For those with a decent level of Spanish there is a half hour film on the nation’s history, presented by Emperor Charles I.

Prices: Adults €17, Children 4-12 €12, Audio Guide €3 (Train of Terror, Simulator and Film included in entry)
Opening Hours: Weekdays 10am-2pm and 4:30pm-8:30pm; Weekends and Public Holidays 10am-8:30pm

Address: Paseo de Recoletos, Plaza de Colón
Metro: Colón (Line 4) – also about 15 walking distance from Gran Vía or Banco de España, or less from Alonso Martinez or Serrano
Cercanías: Recoletos