Madrid Monthly Roundup: February 2011

This February is certainly good time to be in Madrid, as the festivities fill this month’s calendar to the brim.  If you’re looking for something to do in the city, you won’t find yourself at a loss, as MAP Magazine brings you a list of artistic and cultural events you won’t want to miss!

Salón Internacional de Moda de Madrid (SIMM) [3 – 5 February]
Both well-known and young designers will be showcased during the Salón Internacional de Moda de Madrid (SIMM) this February.  All areas of fashion will be represented, from party clothes, to sportswear, to underwear.  This is a must attend for fashion professionals and those with an interest in the fashion industry, as it is one of Spain’s most important fashion exhibitions. Metro: Campo de las Naciones. Address: Parque Ferial Juan Carlos 1 (IFEMA). For more information, click here.

Giftrends Madrid [3 – 7 February]
Coinciding with SIMM is Giftrends Madrid, an exhibition featuring more than 1300 companies representing the gift, jewelry, and fashion jewelry sectors.  Giftrends Madrid will be comprised of three simultaneous fairs: Intergift, Bisutex, and Iberjoya, giving visitors of Giftrends a look into the latest trends and services from this international market. Metro: Campo de las Naciones. Address: Parque Ferial Juan Carlos 1 (IFEMA). For more information, click here.

A Streetcar Named Desire [Starting 4 February]
From the fourth of February, you can see Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire in Teatro Español.  The play, directed by actor and director Mario Gas, will be the third play he directs by Williams, after successes like ‘The Glass Menagerie’ and ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.’ Metro: Sol. Address: C/ Príncipe, 25Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 20:00 p.m., Sunday 18:00 p.m. Cost: 4 – 22 euros. For tickets click here. For more information click here.

Gastrofestival [Until 6 February]
Gastrofestival 2011, a truly cultural and tasty event, is taking place in Madrid until the sixth of February.  This event celebrates culinary delights hand-in-hand with prominent restaurants around the city, for tastings, and artistic exhibitions of cuisine to please your palate.  For more information, prices, and locations click here.

Caja Madrid Flamenco Festival [2 – 12 February]
You can find some of the best dancers, singers, and guitarists on the flamenco scene at this year’s Caja Madrid Flamenco Festival.  From the second to the fifth of February, the performances will honor the late Enrique Morente, followed by more concerts in the following days.  Viewers can enjoy concerts such as “El flamenco más joven” featuring the young Kiko Peña, “Suspiro flamenco” featured by Manuela Carrasco, and much more.  This festival will surely do justice to both traditional and contemporary styles of flamenco as well as showcase some of the best talents of the flamenco world. Metro: Lavapies, Embajadores, Atocha. For more information click here, here, and hereCost: Patio performances 3 euros, auditorium performances free, Teatro Circo Price 28 – 35 euros.

Jean-Léon Gérôme [Starting 15 February]
This retrospective exhibition organized by the Musée d’Orsay of Paris, the J. Paul Getty Museum, and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, showcases 70 pieces by the French realist painter and sculptor Jean-Léon Gérôme.  Here, viewers can see Gérôme’s detailed art from his travels, through his work with photography, optical illusions, and polychrome.  Head down to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum before the 15th of February to see his artwork. Metro: Banco de España, Antón Martín. Address: Paseo del Prado, 8Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 19:00 p.m. Cost: 4 – 7 euros. For more information, click here.

Tango Metrópolis [Starting 16 February]
A blend of old Argentina and contemporary dance. The idea behind Tango Metrópolis seems to catch on fast with the public, as it has already captivated numerous audiences across four continents.  Creators Pilar Álvarez, Claudio Hoffmann, and Daniel Binelli lead this musical performance of Tango into the realm of nostalgia as they succeed in expressing humor, chaos, and passion like no other. Metro: Canal. Address: C/ Cea Bermúdez, 1.  Cost: 30 – 35 euros. For tickets click here. For more information click here.

Hurta Cordel 2011: XV Festival Internacional de Improvisación (International Festival of Improvisation) [16 – 20 February]
During this festival organized by Musicalibre, international artists will gather to reflect upon improvised music during Madrid’s international festival of improvisation.  The aim is to relate improvisation, popular, and classical music, while carrying on the teaching and promotion of musical creativeness. Workshops and evening performances by contemporary musicians will also take place during this event. Metro: Lavapiés, Embajadores, Atocha. Address: Ronda Valencia, 2.  Cost: 3 euros. For more information click here.

Passion for Renoir [Until 13 February]
Until the 13 of February, you can still go see Passion for Renoir in the Museo del Prado.  This collection of 31 works by artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir is the first exhibition in Spain made up solely of his works.  If you are into impressionist painters, this exhibition is one you should  visit. Metro: Banco de España, Atocha. Address: C/ Ruiz de Alarcón 23Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 20:00 p.m. Cost: 4 – 8 euros. For more information, click here.

Impressionist Gardens [Until 13 February]
This month, don’t miss the Impressionist Gardens exhibition at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, which is still open until the 13th of February.  To have a look at the vibrant floral paintings by some of the greats like Delacroix, Courbe, Klimt, and Sargent, pass by the museum or by the Fundación Caja Madrid (Pza. de San Martin, 1 Tue-Sun 1000hrs-20:00 p.m.) to see part of the exhibition for free. Metro: Banco de España. Address: Palacio de Villahermosa, 8 Paseo del PradoHours: Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 19:00 p.m. Cost: 8 euros. For more information, click here.

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week [18 – 23 February]
Soy Cibeliño! If you’re fashion forward and want to take a peek at the Spanish fashion designs for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons, you’re in luck because Cibeles Fashion Week returns to Madrid at the end of the month.  You’ll be able to see the newest trends on two catwalks in the midst of 14,000 square meters of exhibition space.  There will be lots to do during this weeklong event, including sampling sessions, music, make-up and beauty product trials, and the chance to buy and try fashion innovations by up-and-coming designers. Metro: Campo de las Naciones. Address: Parque Ferial Juan Carlos 1 (IFEMA). For more information, click here.

30th Edition Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO) [16 – 20 February]
The Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair, or ARCO, is one of Madrid’s biggest art shows, so this annual event is one you won’t want to miss. Modern and Contemporary art ranging from photography, sculpture, painting, video, and new media is brought across the world to take part in ARCO at IFEMA, which is celebrating it’s 30th edition this year. Metro: Campo de las Naciones. Address: Parque Ferial Juan Carlos 1 (IFEMA). For more information, click here.

XI Festival Escena Contemporánea 2011 [Until 20 February]
The 11th edition of the Festival Escena Contemporánea is bound to fill Madrid with the vitality of contemporary art.  This year’s festival focuses on blurring the barriers between accepted and still-progressing definitions of “dance”, “theatre”, and other artistic media. For more information, prices, and locations click here.

By Anna Soria

Top 10 Sweet Spots in Madrid

In Madrid you really don’t have to go far to find an alimentación (general store) that supplies the generic sweets and chocolate offerings, and there are certainly a decent supply of candy stores. But amongst all this sugary sweetness there are some that really cut above the rest. Whether it’s chocolate, gummy sweets, baked cakes or ice cream you’re after to satisfy your sweet tooth, we’ve got the Top 10 Sweet Spots for you in Madrid.


1. La Bombonera (C/Barco, 42) is a small and modest chocolate shop in the heart of Malasaña. Their on site selection is modest but they take orders and the added bonus is that they actually offer chocolate tallares (workshops) so that you can come and have a go at creating your own chocolate affair.

2. Pan con chocolate (C/Gravina, 3) has a great range of chocolate products, cookies, choc-nut clusters and many more (along with a range of jams and dessert wines). The chocolates are of exceptional quality and reasonably priced for a special occasion. A box of 12-18 chocolates will roughly set you back between 10-20€ depending on the selection.

3. Cacao Sampaka (C/ Orellana, 4) just around the corner from Alonso Martínez metro station, this relatively new arrival in Madrid is both a chocolate speciality shop and café joined together. The shop sells both the finest selection of chocolates along with a range or cocoa powders and other ingredients for you to make your own at home. The shop itself is beautifully designed and it is a pleasure to browse the cocoa-phony of what’s on offer. Chocolate prices start from 50cents per piece depending on selection and are also available when dining in the café. The café itself offers a good range of teas and wines that are equally great accompaniments for your chocolate choice.


It is the great candy-loving nation of Sweden that has provided Madrid with some of its top sweet stores, but the one thing to note is that it’s not a cheap confectionery choice. However, for a treat they are definitely worth the weight in sugar. 4. Pröva-Lo (C/Atocha, 16) prides itself not only on the great range of Swedish candy but also on the service they offer and it is true that they genuinely do care about their customers whilst carrying on the tradition of their nation’s sweet love.

5. Sött & Salt (C/Goya, 113) is another Swedish sugar dream and has an immense selection of various sweets, liquorice, gummies, and anything else you can imagine of wild colours and even wilder flavours. Salamanca’s best may say it’s Salt but there is no doubt that this Sött is sweet as can be.

6. Oomuombo (C/Fuencarral, 27 / C/Nuñéz de Balboa, 28 & C/Alcalá, 129) is home to more sweets that you can fit in your bag and with three stores in Madrid you don’t have to go to far to find them. Probably one of the more expensive options but with lots of imported products that you won’t find elsewhere, this is surely a professional candy kid’s place to go.


Malasaña and La Latina are both home to one of the traditional American-style bakeries 7. Happy Day Bakery (C/Espíritu Santo & C/Cuchilleros) has had a lot of interest and publicity across the country, and rightly so. These two small but well-stocked bakeries offer everything from pretty (and tasty) cupcakes and chocolate brownies to cheesecake, muffins and the famous Red Velvet cake. In addition to the baked goods, there are also a range of American products on sale including Betty Crocker bake-at-home mixes and softs drinks such as real Cherry Coke and Cream Soda.

8. La Mallorquina (C/ Mayor, 2) is one of the oldest bakeries in Madrid, established in 1894, and continues to pack in the crowd due to its fame and reputation. It is one of the traditional style Spanish bakeries and as such offers an extensive range of pastries and cakes, including one of the most delicious chocolate-covered palmeras (Spanish puff pastry hearts) in Madrid. The popularity of this place is truly apparent at the weekends, when the bustle of customers is constant from opening to closing time, so be warned – you may end up fighting the crowd for your cakes.


9. Cherry Pop (C/Postas, 26) was the first dedicated frozen yogurt shop to open up in Madrid and we’re very glad it did. They have a varying selection of flavours on tap and then you serve yourself the toppings, which I personally love as you can put on as much of each as you like and then it is weighed at the end. The toppings are also a good range of fresh fruit, chocolate, cereals, nuts and sweets, plus various sauces of your choice. I’m not light on serving my yogurt or toppings and my cup usually costs between 3-4,50€ – a bargain. Plaza Mayor just got a whole lot sweeter!

10. Giuseppe Ricci (C/Huertas, 9) was originally recommended to me by a friend who is an absolute fiend for iced delights. I wasn’t at first convinced that Giuseppe’s gelato would hold out to those I’ve had before, but I was wrong. With a great selection of flavours the gelato is smooth, creamy and deliciously good quality. It’s a chain but don’t let that fool you, this place is one gelatería you won’t want to miss.

By Tom Burgess

Madrid Neighborhoods- Day and Night

To get the most out of a day or evening in Madrid it’s best to know where to go. Whether it is a day of shopping or museum going, a night of dancing and drinking, or eating and entertainment, knowing what Madrid neighborhood is right for what is a must. Here we’ve highlighted what each Madrid barrio offers by day and night.

By Day: Feast your eyes on incredible art. The Reina Sofia draws a cultured crowd and is only a stone’s throw away from the Metro. Also, make sure to stop by the Atocha train station and visit the Indoor Botanical Gardens. There you will find an unexpected tropical paradise. Inaugurated in 1992 and covering 4,000 square meters, the indoor botanical garden has about 260 different species and close to 7,000 plants.
By Night: If you’re in the Atocha area, stop by La Casa Encendida. This multi-functional cultural space regularly features everything from exhibitions to live music.

By Day: Check out one of the many specialty shops or hip-friendly bars and restaurants that have made this a hot spot for the gay community.
By Night: Fine disco dancing and creative dining are just two types of activities you’ll find in this vibrant and colorful neighborhood.

By Day: Old map stores and lots of little boutiques is what you’ll find walking the streets of Huertas. Ojala is one of many gems sporting signature Spanish designs in the area.
By Night: If you’re looking for a more grown-up kind of party head over to this side of La Gran Via. Here you can catch live music, flamenco and even find a caipiriña in the middle of one of the oldest parts of Madrid.


La Latina
By Day and Night: For the best tapas in town make your way to La Latina. Here, you’ll find tons of tabernas and restaurants serving up their take on the classics. Some hot spots are Juana la Loca and La Musa.

By Day: Lavapiés is a little melting pot near the center of Madrid. If you are in the mood for something with a bit more spice, some foreign flavor perhaps, indulge in a menu del día from one of the local restaurants or check out the hookah bars. Around this neighborhood are many small galleries showcasing local artists.
By Night Laid back bars and a wide variety of music venues can be found in what can easily be called one of the most diverse parts of town.

By Day: If you’re shopping for a one-of-a-kind item, head towards Malasaña. Recently, up and coming artists have helped develop this area to support all things locally made.
By Night When you’re ready for a late night you´ll  find plenty of bars to keep you out until sunrise.


By Day: Whether you’ve got money to burn, or simply have expensive taste, you’ll enjoy the shops and spas in Salamanca. Luxury brands and one of kind boutiques can be found all along streets like Serrano and Calle Jose Ortega y Gasset.
By Night: Where fine dining and fashion meet. Check out some of the tastiest eateries in the area.


By Day: Take a stroll through the most visited neighborhood of Madrid. Take your picture by El Oso y el Madroño (the bear and the strawberry) marvel at the opera house and finish at the Palacio Real.
By Night The heart of Madrid there are many sports bars, places to dance and close to the Plaza Mayor you’ll find the oldest restaurant in the world!

By Alondra Palomino

January Live Music Preview

As would be expected, due to the New Year’s festivities and the Spanish celebration of “Los Reyes”, January’s concert calendar is pretty sparse in Madrid. Instead of giving you the concerts coming up in January we’ll highlight what to look for in 2011 on the live music calendar in Madrid.

2010 is gone and it will be a tough act to follow, but already there are some pretty big acts on the calendar in 2011.

Grandmaster Flash 1/13 – Sala Heineken:  Pioneer, founder, originator, grandfather; these are some of the labels that are thrown about when discussing the musical career of Joseph Saddler.  Widely credited with founding the hip-hop musical genre, Grandmaster Flash has come a long way since he started scratching records in the Bronx back in the 70s and this is your chance to pay your respects to the a true musical innovator.

Joann Newsom 1/27 – Teatro Lara:  Newsom is generally seen as one of the most ambitious lyricists writing music today, pair that with her harp and you have the makings of an artist who is naturally out of music’s mainstream. That being said, her music has gained considerable notice from critics and her latest release, Have One on Me, is her most polished album to date. Don’t miss this chance to see a truly one-of-a-kind performance.

Band of Horses 2/8 – Sala Heineken:  Band of Horses is one of the best indie groups to come around in the past few years. If you’re not familiar with these guys you’ve almost certainly heard their songs on commercials and in movies, but may not have realized their names.

Junip 2/10 – Teatro Lara:  This Swedish trio stretches across about as many global musical influences as one band can possibly do. Led by the classical guitar and voice of José González, the group puts out an amazing sound that you would be hard pressed not to like.

Taylor Swift 3/19 – Palacio de Deportes:  Country or Pop? Well, whatever it is, people seem to like it.  She’s sold more records than most in the spotlight and chances are some of you are dying to catch her in concert. For tickets click here.

Roger Waters 3/25 & 3/26 Palacio de Deportes:  One of the legendary front men of the group Pink Floyd, Waters has recently embarked on a tour performing Floyd’s The Wall. This in an epic two-night concert that literally won’t come around again, so if you’re going to see one show in 2011, this should be it.  For tickets click here.

Justin Bieber 4/5 Palacio de Deportes:   “Bieber Fever”! You know the story; You Tube one day and 400 bazillion hits later – a mega star. For tickets click here.

Deerhunter 4/14 – La Riviera:  Bradford Cox’s group hit it big with their 2010 release, Halcyon Digest. This is a group that has been putting out music for quite some time  (though at an irregular pace).

Thanks for taking a look at  MAP’s preview of what’s coming your way in 2011, be sure to get tickets sooner than later if something on the list catches your eye.

Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2011 from your friends here at MAP.

By Coleman File