Madrid Summer Events: Magical Farm Nights

Let me start by saying, this is not exactly what it sounds like! Yes, the events take place on a farm, but there is neither hay nor animals involved. Music, dance and circus are a few of the different spectacles that will constitute this year’s program. Some of the most-anticipated summer cultural events will be found at the month-long festival. Among the glut of artistic performances is the second annual International Festival of Magic, which will take place during two evenings. The Third Annual International Festival of Music and Dance is another main attraction, boasting renowned artists from many nooks of the world. The National Acrobatic Circus from Pekin, China, will also be a well-attended show.  With a dream-like set, a rural venue, and a lucid assortment of events, the festival is by far one of Madrid’s most progressive and unique summertime cultural offerings.

Located about an hour outside of the center of Madrid (in the direction of Segovia), the San Ildefonso Farm is a lovely escape from the August heat. For information on how to get to the farm, e-mail the office at or call (+34) 91 328 90 20. Trains and buses are common modes of transportation, as well as cars.

When: July 16th – August 24th
Where: Patio Central of San Ildefonso Farm

By Chloe Nash

Madrid Cabaret: Passion Without Daggers

Before you read any further, let me assure you that this is not your typical cabaret show. The audience is young, fun and funky – there is no sleaze factor here! Furthermore, the show is a creative combination of good dance, visuals and music.  Apart from being a nighttime refuge from the heat, the borderline sultry performance consists of “strange and ambiguous creatures” that will pull you into an unreal world like a great book.  The sensual circus-like show is a unique blend of burlesque and quality choreography. With a dark and dreamy undertone and the Price Orchestra playing in the background, the viewers are drawn into a space that muddles the lines between reality and fiction. As the Teatro Circo Price website claims, the performance will “bite the heart of Madrid as if it were a red apple.”

It has been noted by many that cabaret and burlesque have experienced a recent revival throughout Europe, perhaps as a reaction against multimillion dollar productions that have come to characterize the modern world of entertainment.  Although this cabaret is brimming with visual distinction and impressive effects, it is without a doubt a step away from technology and a return to people as the source of art.

The aim of Passion Without Daggers is to unite artists and audience through uncanny intimacy. The members of the show are known for their ability to stir and provoke. If you are looking for a little escape from your world and the heat, grab a ticket while the group is still around.

Where: Teatro Circo Price
Address: Ronda de Atocha, 35
When: July 1 – July 31
Hours: Tuesday – Friday 21:00 p.m. Saturdays 18:00 p.m. Sundays 21:30 p.m.
Cost: Depends on location of table and number of guests. Average cost for a shared table (seats 4) is 30 Euro.
Metro: Atocha or Embajadores

By Chloe Nash

Free Art Exhibition in Madrid: Federico Fellini. The Circus of Illusions.

This innovative expedition explores the creative trajectory and nearly mystic air of the legendary Italian film director, Federico Fellini. The show projects Fellini’s artistic spirit and character onto the walls through more than 400 works of art – photos, drawings, magazines, posters and fragments of films. The images and media present the legendary film figure through the lens of his many obsessions – stylistic, aesthetic, and everyday inclinations are captured through this multi-media time capsule.

Although the show is essentially a tribute to a renowned artist, it is not your typical biography-exhibition. The art is not ordered chronologically, but thematically. The different sections are, “Fellini and Pop Culture,” “Fellini in His Work, ” “The City of the Women,” and “Fellini or the Biographical Invention.” These different settings embrace the themes that have characterized Fillini’s films such as myth, caricature, the feminine universe, the ambiguity of religious sentiments, and many other compelling notions that will enhance your perspective of and understanding for the renowned Federico Fellini.

Where: Caixa Forum Madrid
Address: Paseo del Prado, 36
When: Now – December 26, 2010
Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 20:00 p.m. every day
Cost: Free!
Metro: Atocha

By Chloe Nash

Madrid Outdoor Movies & More

If there’s one English phrase that Spaniards are sure to know and use in the summer, it’s Open Air. These two simple words have the coolest implications – something cultural in an outdoor space. Until the 24th of July, The Open Air Movie Theatre occupies the Tierno Galván Park, located in the south of Madrid. Every night, a different blockbuster will be projected onto a massive screen. The movies are all hits – the selection includes films that are currently screening in the Madrid’s theatres or have definitely made it onto people’s ‘top ten’ lists.

But everyone knows that going to a movie is not a complete night in itself – which is why the venue has smartly become much more than a Theatre. There are also two restaurants – Japanese and Spanish Tapas – with terraces so one can tomar algo with friends before or after the flick. As if that’s not enough, after the movies, the venue will convert into a club. DJ Focus and DJ Mini, both part of the Red Bull Acadamy  – a renowned ‘DJ school’ – will pump the tunes until 3:00 a.m.

Movie Schedule: All movies start at 22:15 p.m.

  • Monday, July 19thCelda 211
  • Tuesday, July 20th: Ágora
  • Wednesday, July 21st: El Diario de Carlota
  • Thursday, July 22nd: Niños Grandes
  • Friday, July 23rd: Shutter Island
  • Saturday, July 24th: The Runaways

-Option 1: Movie + Zona Ocio (club & restauraunts)  13.50 Euro
-Option 2: Zona Ocio + 1 Drink (after movie, at 12:30 am.) 10 Euro
Where: Parque Tierno Galván
Metro: Méndez Álvaro or Arganzuela-Planetario
Bus: Lines 156, 102 or 152 to C/ Méndez Álvaro

For more outdoor activities click here.

By Chloe Nash

Music in Madrid: Corinne Baily Rae

Looking for something to do this Thursday? Why not get yourself to Miss Corinne Bailey Rae’s Jazz-Blues concert? The venue, Lope de Vega, is situated on one of Madrid’s most bustling streets, Gran Vía. The classic Spanish theatre takes a break from drama during the summer months, which is why the lovely Corinne will sing there on the 22nd.  Hailing from the UK, the soul singer is relatively new to the World of Jazz & Blues, with her first album making its (successful) debut in 2006. Within a matter of months, she was on American Top 20 music lists and had a large following in the UK.

Corrine Baily Rae’s second album, The Sea, marks her decision to construct her career for herself and by herself. Having avoided contracts with and influence from mainstream record labels, Baily Rae’s music is recorded by friends and only feature musicians who she personally knows. Her songs consist of original lyrics which she says act as her diary. Although her voice is sweet, the mark she’s making on the world of music is incredibly strong. With a spark of Billie Holliday’s spirit and a touch of Erykah Badu’s spunk, Corrine Baily Rae has fully established herself as a successful, powerful and wholesome musician. If you’re interested in going, you better buy tickets online –as the show is expected to be a full house. For more summer concerts, click here.

When: Thursday, July 22nd at 21 h.
Where: Teatro Lope de Vega
Address: Gran Vía, 57
Cost: 30 Euro online or at venue.
Metro: Callao, Santo Domingo, Plaza de España, Gran Vía

By Chloe Nash