Madrid Restaurants: Cerveceria 100 Montaditos

Cervecería 100 montaditos

Calle de la Montera, 34
Madrid ( Madrid ) 28013
Teléfono: 915 231 140

C/ de Fuencarral, 96
Madrid ( Madrid ) 28004
Teléfono: 915 211 768

Bravo Murillo
C/ Bravo Murillo, 34
Madrid ( Madrid ) 28015
Teléfono: 915 934 206

And many more locations. Check out their website.

With the recession in full force finding economical restaurants to grab a bite is a must. Why not head over to one of the best sandwich places in the city of Madrid, Montaditos. Here you can order sandwiches on white or wheat bread and only pay between 1 and 1.50 euro for each one. If you are imagining large sandwiches, this is not what you’ll find here. The sandwiches are small but filled with yummy goodness. There’s anything and everything on this menu: salmon, ham, solomillo, tuna, and more. No matter how many sandwiches you order you also get a nice handful of chips, free! They also offer salads for around 6 euro. Make sure to check them out on a Wednesday because that’s when all sandwiches are only 1 euro – but if you don’t get there early, be prepared to wait in line!

The great thing about Montaditos is that they are located not only all over the city of Madrid, but all over Spain. We know it’s a chain, but honestly, how many chains do you know that offer such low prices on filling food!!!!

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Pizza in Madrid: Mastropiero

Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 36
9.30pm-1.30am, 2.30am Friday, Saturday)
Malasaña (Metro Tribunal)

This funky pizza joint mixes up Spanish, Argentinean, Italian, and a myriad of other international tastes to create a truly one-of-a-kind menu.  Mirta – the amiable maître d’ – has been running the place for 25 plus years now; she’ll serve you up not only slices of heaven, but also tips for how to eat your pie.  At 2.50 euro a slice – this is a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

The most popular pizza is the Erotica, a terrific blend of mozzarella and Roquefort cheeses topped with an assortment of chopped nuts, which she’ll tell you to eat right away because it just isn’t as good when cool.  Simple classics like the Margarita – with mozzarella, tomato, olives and oregano still make the list here, taste quite good, and are reliable enough to order every time.  However if you’re not looking for pizza, the menu also offers side dishes, like portions of juicy prosciutto or corn empanadas.  To top off your meal, for 2-euro Mirta will hand you a huge piece of moist cake covered in to-die-for dulce de leche sauce as dessert.

Though Mastropiero is a must, it’s extremely small (6 tables and bar space), so come early to grab a seat, especially if it’s the weekend.  Come to enjoy the friendly staff, the delicious food, and the ambience of cluttered anti-establishment posters endorsing art galleries and festivals, which only adds to the overall din of happy diners.



By  Michelle Campagna


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MAP NEWS – Summer hits Madrid! Chinese restaurants in Madrid, La Latina, Huertas, gyms in Madrid, and more.

Hey Mapistas!

With summer at our doorstep, MAP Magazine is back in action with the latest reviews and features, covering Madrid businesses, activities, and more! It’s been awhile since our last newsletter, but of course this is a “labor de amor.”  I’ve been busy with our production company RedHill Media (, while Cynthia has been writing non-stop for a bunch of other projects. But no worries,  we are on track for the summer and should have some exciting news as well for all of you soon!

Here are some of our latest articles!

Need to get in shape for those municipal pools? Hit the gym!

Gyms in Madrid are popping up all over the city, which makes it difficult to actually find one! MAP has walked the streets, talked the talked, and asked the right questions to give you a round up of some of the most popular gyms in the city. So no more excuses, it’s time to get fit!

Nothing like summer nights down in La Latina. Get your grub on at Taberna el Tempranillo:

Looking for a tapas restaurant in Madrid that serves up spectacular plates at an inexpensive price? Then head over to Taberna el Tempranillo in La Latina. Here you’ll find raciones at a good price, and a buzzing crowd with smiles on their faces.

In to cheap food and big portions? Head on over to Huertas!:

Budget restaurants in Madrid that offer a lively atmosphere and good food are hard to find. So why not check out II Piccolino della Farfalla on Huertas, which offers vegetarian options, pizza, Spanish meats, and much more! Here you’ll have a wonderful meal at a low price. They also have menus in English!…

Ready to don some new summer duds?

Vintage handmade clothing is what you’ll find at Divina Providencia on Calle Fuencarral in Madrid. The offerings here are truly unique, and the staff is incredibly helpful, and friendly. Definitely check out the store, and website, to see why this store is one of the most talked about shops in the city.

Sick of tapas? Check out our review of Chinese Restaurants In Madrid:

Chinese restaurants in Madrid are making life easier for many locals. Why? Because they off take out! When you feel like staying in and watching a movie, take out is a great option. Check out some of the Chinese restaurants we recommend if you’re looking to stay in and eat!

That’s all for now Mapistas. Please send your questions, comments, concerns, ramblings, recommendations, and more to me at business@localhost:8888/mapmagazine

Ciao for now!

Phillip Stark & Cynthia Kane

Chinese Take-Out in Madrid!

When you just don’t feel like cooking, and the idea of sitting down in a restaurant and dealing with the crowds is unappealing as well, your next best option is to head out and pick something up.  However, in Madrid the take away choices have been slow to develop and your options are limited. Don’t fear because there is always Chinese take-out!  This comfort food finds its way into homes night after night because it’s cheap, fast and….delicious!!!

Jia Xiang Xiao Chi (Cafeteria is the name on the sign)
How to find:  enter Plaza España in the section closest to the intersection of Gran Via and Cuesta de San Vicente, look for the parking garage entrance marked ´Entrada Peatones´ go down the steps (don’t be scared) and head for the sign marked Cafeteria. For those of you who have been to this establishment there is no doubt you’ve recounted the story to numerous friends, but for those of you who have yet to go, it is one of the things you must do in Madrid (right after Plaza Mayor and El Prado).  As you enter the northeast corner of Plaza España, you see a sign for a Parking garage and catch the faint smell of Chinese food.  This is not a coincidence, one of Madrid’s best and most well known Chinese restaurants is located in a subterranean bar in a parking garage entrance located in Plaza España.  The menu here is a short and sweet list of Chinese classics; noodles in all shapes and sizes, fried rice, dumplings, wonton soup, etc. and with almost everything around 5€, it definitely won’t break the budget.  At peak times it is almost impossible to get a table so take-out is the best way to enjoy this place, besides eating underground is a bit depressing.  Even if you don’t live near Plaza España, on a nice day grabbing some take-out and finding a place to sit and eat in the Plaza, or walking to the nearby Templo De Debod makes a great way to spend an afternoon.

Central Madrid Locations:
C/ Méndez Álvaro, 72; C/ Doctor Esquerdo, 136; C/ Vírgen de los Peligros, 1; C/ Gran Vía, 73; C/ Gravina, 17; C/ Génova, 27; C/ María de Molina, 50; C/ Alonso Cano, 49

The Wok is a Spanish mini chain of Asian restaurants with many locations throughout Madrid.  Normally chain restaurants are something to be avoided; however, The Wok franchise actually does it right, and offers up some tasty pan-Asian food and a take-out option in a city that is limited in both regards.  The menu (the take-out menu is slightly smaller) includes starters, salads, rice dishes, noodles and specialties that are all placed within a theme from their corresponding region (Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, etc.).  All noodle dishes are a good choice, and come in many different styles with the option of choosing from rice or egg noodles.  Other highlights are the fried rice and the starters.  The Wok menu is advertised as providing natural and healthy cooking and this is definitely something you can taste in their dishes; quality ingredients bursting with flavor.  The carryout service is great! Their prices are around 10€ per main dish, but the portions are filling.  With its abundance of locations and an extensive menu The Wok makes a great option next time you want to avoid the kitchen.

Address:  Plaza Conde De Toreno, 2
Hours:  12:00 pm-5:30 pm and 7:30 pm-12:00 am (open until 12:30 am on weekends)
Telephone: 915 426 897

El Rey is another one of Madrid’s most popular spots for Chinese food. The tallarines (Spanish for noodles) are their specialty. Though all of the options are yummy, the tallarines take the cake! Whenever I go I try to make sure one of the dishes I order has noodles in it.  What you’ll note in these noodles is their lightness and lack of heavy greasy flavor that can ruin a lo mein dish.  The key here is that all the noodles are hand made on site and if you dine-in, or happen to walk in at the right time, you might just happen to catch the noodle masters at work, spinning, twirling, and shaping the noodles in front of your eyes.  In addition to the selection of noodles many other Chinese food classics make an appearance on the menu; lemon chicken, dumplings, fried rice, fried ice cream and anything with duck is a winner for me.  The carry-out service is super fast and the prices are very reasonable.  At El Rey you’ll find some of the best and most authentic Chinese food in the city, and it is a must for any noodle lover out there.

Take out food is obviously determined by location, but next time you’re specifically looking to grab a helping of Chinese take-out these are some of the best options that Madrid offers.

By Coleman File

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Restaurants in Madrid: II Piccolino della Farfalla

La Farfalla (ii piccolino della farfalla)
Calle Huertas, 6
Telephone: 91 369 43 91
Metro: Sol

This is hands down one of the most popular restaurants in the city. Every night the restaurant is filled with locals, and if you don’t get there early it’s hard to get a seat. The food is wonderful and prices are inexpensive. Salads cost around 5 euros, a brown rice dish with vegetables and tofu runs around 8 euros, and the Parillada for two people is around 20 euros. Get a pizza for around 7 euros. We recommend the four cheese pizza, which is so tasty you’re bound to make your way back to the restaurant again, and again.

The atmosphere is lively, sometimes there is live music, and the establishment has a true mom and pop feel to it. The waiters are very friendly, but you might have to ask more than once for your check! Definitely a good idea to call ahead to get a table, if you don’t you might have to wait anywhere between ten minutes to an hour to sit.

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