Restaurants in the Salamanca District of Madrid

You might think since the Salamanca neighborhood in Madrid is filled with shops, shops, and more shops there aren’t any places to eat. Well before you go hungry, check out our quick list of restaurants and cafes below.

Sudestrada – Fine Asian Cusine
Calle Modesto Lafuente, 64
Telephone: 91 533 4154

With Love – Asian and American fusion
Calle Alcala, 90
Calle Pradillo, 30
Telephone: 91 576 7638 / 91 510 4058

Memento – Californian Cuisine
Calle Caracas, 1
Telephone: 91 448 9558

La Despensa de Julie – French gourmet dining
Calle Zurbano, 26
Telephone: 91 702 69 71

Antaura International delicatessen and gifts
Calle Argensola, 16
Telephone: 91 319 1294

Pan-Cake – Bakery and Bread Shop
Calle Castello, 3
Telephone: 91 575 2115

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Tapas in Madrid: Casa Lucas

Tapas Casa Lucas

Madrileños at heart will adore Casa Lucas, a quaint spin on a Spanish-style wine and tapas bar.  It has mastered a blend of simplicity, modernity, tradition, and comfort: it offers its clientele traditional red and white wines or well-pulled “cañas” (mini beers), while at the same time bolstering its menu with fun and experimental fusion foods.  You’ll have your pick from a limited list of hot or cold “pinchos,” or snacks, as well as a single page of “raciones” (small portions).  Though this seems like very little, the kitchen makes up for it in bold new tastes.  Just ask the customers, they certainly aren’t complaining about tapas like the delicious “Alella,” succulent chicken marinated in soy sauce, accompanied by caramelized onions, sesame oil, and topped with corn mousse on a toasted baguette.  Or if you’d prefer to try something cold, there’s the “Junilla,” an incredible finger-licking spinach cake that comes with leeks and shrimp.

The locale itself is small yet friendly, with a helpful, smiling staff and warm lighting over pumpkin-colored walls.  You’ll find groups of all ages here, glued to the bar, seated at one of the five tables, or chatting cheerfully in whatever space they manage to procure.  Even on a weeknight you’ll have to wait to get a table, but Casa Lucas is still a safe bet since you can order food and drinks from anywhere – as long as you find sitting or standing room.  For a popular bar in the middle of La Latina, though, it’s not overly crowded – which is another one of its many perks.  Expect to pay about 10 euros a person, including libations and tapas.

Casa Lucas
Calle Cava Baja, 30
Telephone: 913 650 804
Metro: La Latina

By Michelle Campagna

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Bars in Madrid: Chill Bill

Chill Bill bar

Although the area around Plaza de Castilla is known for its many upscale bars, there are exceptions, and one of them is Chill Bill. Like it’s name this bar is less uptown and more downtown. With two floors there’s plenty of room; however, the downstairs is normally used for live shows. Beers cost 3-4 Euro and Cocktails are 6 Euro. The bar itself is definitely hip. Checkered floors, red lighting, and bathrooms covered with comic strips draw a more artistic, musical, and low key crowd. There’s plenty of space to dance to the selection of indie, pop, rock, funk, hip hop and reggae music. The second Thursday of every month they host “Noche de Micro Abiero” with some of the best artists around, and two Saturdays out of every month they have an open mike specifically for hip hop battles. If you sing a song during the open mikes you get a whiskey, for free! So if you live around the area and are looking for something different, or you want to try out a new neighborhood then definitely check it out.

Chill Bill

Calle Rafael Herrera, 9

Telephone: 636 45 48 89

Metro: Plaza de Castilla

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Best Crepes in Madrid:Creperie Ma Bretagne

Creperie Ma Bretagne
C/ San Vicente Ferrer 9 28004
Metro Noviciado or Tribunal
915 317 774

If you are craving a sweet or savory “galette” – Brittany’s version of the traditional French crepe – and want to learn how to distinguish between the two, then the Creperie Ma Bretagne has fused together the perfect menu and staff just for you.  The head waitress – who also assists in the food preparation – is an émigré from Brittany, and will kindly explain, in full detail, the flavorful nuances of different Breton crepes.  Additionally she will tell you about the significance of the buckwheat or “trigo negro” (“black wheat”) that they use for this particular kind of crepe, and then suggest what to order depending on your tastes and creperie experience.  You should not take her recommendations lightly; for her, finding a galette for everyone’s palate is an exact art, and she prides herself on being the artist.

If you forget her advice when it comes time to order the main course, simply opt for one of the savory galettes that include tangy, hearty mushrooms, and a bold white cheese; the tastes blend together divinely with the smoky flavor of the buckwheat.  To top it off ask for a glass of tart, yet heavy, Breton cider. A full meal will round up to about 15 euro a person, which the diners argue is a fair price to pay for such a palatable experience.  

Remember to make a reservation.  Though the place is cozy, it fills up quickly, even on weekdays.  


By Michelle Campagna




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Best Running Store in Madrid: Laister Sport Clinic

Laister Sport Clinic
Custa San Vicente, 24 -38
Telephone: 902 998 449
Calle Gasometro, 1
Telephone: 91 52 83 617
Open Sundays!

Imagine going ice skating but your skates aren’t sharp, or setting out on a bike ride but the chain is broken, both scenarios have disaster written all over them. With any kind of sport it’s all about having the right equipment, and with running it’s no different. Serious runners know that having the right shoes can help them and having the wrong shoes can hinder them.

If you’re in Madrid and looking for a perfect pair of running shoes then Laister Sport Clinic is your one-stop shop. Why is this place the best? Because before they bring out boxes of shoes for you to try on they run all kinds of tests: they’ll watch you walk, have you squat, twist, jump, all to find out what shoes are best for your feet.

Note: Before the diagnosis begins you do have to commit to buying a pair of running shoes; however, this is surely worth it.

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