Best Restaurants in Madrid: Baobab

For those people who are always on the lookout for a great food adventure to another part of the world Baobab is just your kind of place.

Specializing in Senegalese food, this is the exact kind of super authentic place people spend years trying to find.  Situated in the heart of the Lavapies neighborhood known for its eclectic mix of people from around the globe, Baobab provides a little taste of home for some of the local residents.  Upon entering you’ll find a bar with tables and a TV for viewing soccer matches much like any other in the city, however located off to the side is a small dining room producing an intoxicating aroma from the dishes being served inside.  The key to this African cuisine is the combination of spices and herbs native to the region and their incorporation into otherwise commonplace dishes.  The day I went their lunch special consisted of two options: meat or fish, due to the difficulties in translating from the African names to Spanish and back to English, I’m trying to keep it simple, however I believe they were called Chu (meat) and Tiebu-Dien (fish).  I went with the meat, which came out swimming in a tomato based sauce and bursting with authentic home-cooked flavor.  It was accompanied by a large side of white rice which seemed also like something I’d never tried before, it was more or less  a short-grained jasmine rice, and was a nice surprise.  Across the way most of the locals seemed to go with the fish option that looked delicious as well, it was a nice fillet of fried-fish, resting on a dark colored rice (maybe fried) and paired with some roasted peppers.  All tables came with a pitcher of water and an African version of soy sauce.  At 6€ per dish it is one of the best lunch deals you’ll find.  In the evening the full menu is provided and consists of many more options.

While maybe not being for everyone, Baobab is a perfect option for those of you who love to experiment with different types of food.


915 272 732

Calle de los Cabestreros 1

Metro: Lavapies or Tirso de Molina

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Best Bars in Madrid: Acme Bar

Acme Bar
Calle Velarde, 11
4pm – 1am – Sun – Thur
1:30pm – 1:30am – Fri – Sat
Telephone: 91 448 90 02
Metro: Tribunal



A great bar that’s normally low-key is definitely Acme bar. What’s wonderful about this bar is that many foreigners don’t know about it, so all the clientele speak Spanish. The other great thing is that the drinks are cheap. A glass of wine starts at 1.50 Euro. They also offer yummy salads, tostadas and much more. The lighting is always dim, and depending on when you go they have local photographers photographs hanging on their walls for sale. Oh, and another plus is that with every drink you order you get something to munch on.



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Health and Beauty in Madrid: Soledad Campon

Soledad Campon is a wonderful place for anything beauty related. They offer manicures, pedicures, waxing, spa services, and also services for male clientele. Depending on what you go in for prices range anywhere from 7 euros to 42 euros. A basic manicure is 16, basic pedicure is 28 and a regular bikini wax is 10. The staff is super friendly and you’ll feel right at home the minute you walk in. The space is very clean, and these people truly know what they’re doing.

Soledad Campon
Calle Serrano Anguita, 14
11 a.m. – 20:00 p.m. Mon – Fri
Telephone: 91 591 26 96
Metro: Tribunal, Bilbao, Alonso Martinez

Best Bars in Madrid: La Sueca

La Sueca
Calle Hortaleza, 67
Telephone: 913 190 487
Metro: Chueca, Tribunal




Swedish bar La Sueca has tons to offer. Not only is the atmosphere relaxed, hip and stylish, but they also play awesome music and their drinks are tasty. Sure you can order a glass of wine but if you want to try something completely unique go for the frapucino with Baileys, or feel free to ask them to mix up a yummy milkshake with strawberries and chocolate.  The crowd is more late twenties early thirties and it’s a great place to go during the week, as the vibe then is low-key. The bartenders are friendly and there are plenty of places to find a seat. 



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International Festival Of Improv at Casa Encendida

La Casa Encendida
Looking for something to do this weekend? Not sure what? Well….improvise!!!!!! – and head on down to the Casa Encendida. From 26 Jan – 1 Feb 2009 they’re holding the International Festival of Improvisation, Hurta Cordel. Over 50 musicians from over a dozen countries will “make it up as they go along” while often accompanied by dance and video. The main event will be a show by the F.O.C.O orchestra headed by American jazz composer Willian Parker. A can’t miss show for lovers of spontaneity.