MAP in 2008

We at MAP Magazine have been busy gearing up for 2008. Look forward to greatly expanded variety in
articles and video.

We are proud to have added numerous writers to our already
ample team. By increasing the number of
bilingual journalists as well as others with distinct areas of specialization,
we are increasing our scope and offering more in-depth coverage.

In addition to this, we have just secured studio space
greatly enhancing our filming and editing capabilities. Expect to see more of Karina bringing you the
news and quirky tidbits, and Shakina giving you the lowdown on the local club

We know that life abroad can be quite an adventure. We are here to ensure that it is as fun, easy
and productive as possible.

Best wishes from MAP


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New Year’s Eve Eve (Yes, we meant to write that 2wice!)

So you’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve, but have you ever
celebrated New Year’s Eve Eve? Here’s
the situation: by now everyone knows about the big bash going down on the 31st
in Puerta del Sol. Perhaps everyone who lives in Madrid should experience this once: bone-crushing
crowds, bottles flying threw the air – who could resist? By the way, helmets are advisable.

Anyway, many say once is enough for this particular ritual. If you are in that set, here’s a
variation. You can show up the night
before, yes, that’s Sunday, the 30th , for the rehearsal. According to rumor this is the locals’ night. Before all the surrounding pueblos descend on
Madrid, you
can enjoy New Year’s Eve Eve in a more relax manner. Leave the helmet at home – what the heck.

As the TV crew tests stage lights and camera angles, the
crowd does that party thing that Madrileños do so well. Some will say it is the “beta” version other
will say it is the “betta” version – you decide.

And, if you are intent on avoiding both nights? Great – all the power to you! But don’t neglect to make some type of plan: house
party, club, whatever – “Tantric sex” your way into the new year if you see
fit! All we are saying is don’t leave the
planning till the last minute or you will be among the nomadic masses
desperately searching for a scene or a Tantric partner.

For some quick tips on the 31st , check out our
article on the subject. And one last
piece of advice. No matter what your
plan is from helmets in Puerta del Sol to things more Tantric in nature – remember
to buy your grapes in advance. Twelve
per person.

Anyway, we are off to celebrate New Year’s Eve Eve Eve (Yes,
we meant to write that 3hree time!). We
hope whatever eve you are celebrating is a happy one.


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