No More Excuses – Visit the Prado!

Nacional del Prado

Paseo del Prado (no street number)
Metros: Banco de España and Atocha
Hours: 9 to 20: Tuesday to Sunday and public
holidays; 9 to 14: 24 December, 31 December and 6 January

sickness and relative ineptitude are common pleas, lack of money is one of the
finest justifications for a lack of cultural exploration. Unfortunately for you
slackers it’s time to brush off that Rolodex of excuses because starting this
Wednesday the Museo del Prado is opening its doors free of charge.

‘gratis’ admission from one of Europe‘s finest
Museums is a celebration to unveil the new 152-million-dollar restoration
project that has nearly doubled the Prado’s existing exhibition space. The
Rafael Moneo designed addition will also commemorate the introduction of a new
restaurant, lecture hall and bookstore.

And if
checking up on the latest work of one of Spain’s most vaunted architects isn’t
enough to get you in the door, curators will simultaneously present the museums
newest exhibit, “A Collection Rediscovered: The 19th Century in the Prado”.
The installation will include over 100 rarely seen pieces from Spanish masters
like Goya and Gisbert.

And as great as all this sounds, the party doesn’t stop on November 4th. Prado
has also announced that beginning Tuesday November 6th there will be no
admission charges from 4 to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday with extended hours
5-8pm on Sundays. That means not only is it bigger, better and displaying
rarely seen masterpieces from some of Spain‘s finest artists, it’s also
free. Now if we could only convince the curators over at the Museo del Jamon to
follow suit.

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Isabel Muñoz – The Best of Brain and Braun

Isabel Muñoz: Piedra and other works
Blanca Galeria Berlin
Calle Limon, 28
Telphone: 91 542 9313
Hours: Tues-Sat 11-14:30 and 17-21
Exhibition Closing Date: November 28
Metro: Noviciado

Isabel Muñoz is one of the most
important and exciting figures in Spanish photography today. She is renowned
for using one of the most difficult photo developing techniques, platinotype, using
platinum paper to produce superior quality B&W photographs. Her work is a treat for the senses, exquisitely developed, it tells stories through
movement, body parts, and sensuality.

Her exhibit at the Blanca Galeria Berlin,
“Piedra” (Stone), is a mixture of two collections: Serie Barroco
(Baroque Roman sculptures) and Series Arquitectura Oriental (Eastern Architecture).
Although they are photos of stone
structures, her vision infuses the subject with a palpable vitality.

In addition to the photographs on the walls of the gallery, you can view her
other works in a DVD display. They range from the political: a
series of families in Malaysia
with AIDS; to the cultural: a series of photos of the Surma tribes in southern
Ethiopia; to the erotic: a series of arousing photos exploring the theme of giving
into the senses. The latter is what Madonna would have liked her
“Erotica” to be.

It’s easy to see why Isabel Muñoz is one of the most respected
photographers in Spain
and has won international acclaim. Her photographs consistently provoke not
only thought, but deep visceral reactions as well. The quality of work and the
subject matter make the exhibit truly a delight to see. Don’t miss your
opportunity to be intellectually and physically stimulated at once!