La Buena: Rock ‘n’ Roll with A Glass of Wine?

Bar: La Buena
Calle Espiritu Santo, 38
T: They don’t have one yet
Hours: 21:30-midnight; Wednesday-Sunday and you should be OK

Located on Calle Espiritu Santo 38 in barrio Malasaña, La Buena is a new, slightly confused, rock’n’ roll-y bar. I say confused because chandeliers, leaf wallpaper, and (what looks like) the Virgin Mary on their business cards, don’t exactly go hand in hand with the rock’n’roll groove. The place smells new and the bar area is trendy, but otherwise it reminded me of my university canteen. The crowd is young, definitely local, and everyone seems to know everyone, so I’d slot it in as a cool pre or post dinner drinks place. You might be interested to know that downstairs they have a lounge area that, at the moment, is only available to rent out for private parties.

Open since June this year, they haven’t yet got their opening hours or closing days sorted; so if you go after 21h and before midnight any day from Wednesday-Sunday, you should be fine.

A New Political Party is Born

In Spain, a country the size of Texas, many wonder how so many linguistic and political divisions could possibly exit: Basque, Catalan, Galician, etc. Furthermore, given that they do exist, one often asks “Isn’t a solution on the horizon?” Well, perhaps.

A new political party has been forged to try to bring together the disparate strains of Spanish politics and culture. The new group, The Union, Progress and Democracy (UPD), has its origins in the anti-ETA movement, “Basta Ya”. It describes itself as progressive, yet it doesn’t align itself with the traditional left or right.The timing of the group’s emergence is, not coincidentally, just before an election year. They hope to give people an alternative between the Zapatero socialist camp and the opposition PP. The shifting political dynamics will definitely add a new dimension to the upcoming 2008 election year.

Best Dumplings in Madrid









MAP Director Phillip Stark loves anything cheap and good. This includes rock dives, bares de viejos (old guy bars), and of course Chinese Restaurants. Speaking of which–can you guess where this photo was taken? Hint: They got the BEST darn dumplings in Madrid. For more such recommendations, click on Phil’s Favorites


Double Take










During Cibeles fashion month it seems as though models and photographers are everywhere. However, in the alterna-world of Malasaña, there are sites that make even seasoned fashion photographers do a double take. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out the local designers (see today’s story) showing their wares throughout the hood. If you are stopping for a meal or drink see our reviews for nearby cafes and restaurants.