The Pool At Lago – Where the Boys Are!

The Pool At Lago - Where the Boys Are

Daily – 11:00 to 20:45

Entrance: 4.10 euros

The Pool at Lago

Relax On The Soft Grass, Take A Dip In The Cool Pool…

So your nights are reckless and wild, but what about your days? Add some balance to your life and make them relaxing and refreshing with a trip to the pool at Lago where all the boys are.

Lago is just a few stops from the center on line 10. Entrance is 4.10 euros and there are two pools plus a kiddie pool and a small café where you can get an assortment of Spanish snacks and meals. Don’t bring your own food because the otherwise nice lifeguards will yell at you. No worries though, the food is cheap, and, did we mention – drinks? They are plentiful as well.

Our only warning is that the bathrooms leave a bit to be desired. This is one of those BYOTP (bring your own toilet paper) locations.

Aside from that, it’s a great way to spend the day. Although the lawn is crammed with sun worshippers, the vibe is very mellow. Good for chatting with friends.

Gay Pride TV!

Jennifer from

Photo: MAP director Phillip Stark filming a report with Jennifer Claus for the Chueca Wifi Internet TV station.

Watch Gay Pride on the Internet!

Hey everyone, this is MAP Director, Phil Stark, here. As many of you know, I work in video production through my company, The MAP Agency. Here’s a little FYI for ya:

At the moment I’m covering the Gay Pride festival on the Chueca Wifi Internet TV station for in collaboration with Zero Magazine, Madrid’s main gay publication, and Fon, the world’s largest WIFI network.

Fon and Zero Magazine have completely covered Chueca with free WIFI during Gay Pride. So, my pals and I are running around giving coverage to the event, especially profiles of all the places where you can hook up to the Internet FOR FREE.


To check out a bit of the Gay Pride festival and find out where you can hook up to the Net, take a peek at our awesome full screen Chueca WIFI internet television staton here:


And if you don’t speak Spanish…well…time to practice your listening comprehension!

Later gators,

Phil Stark

Supermartxe – One More Party on Pride Weekend!

Supermartxe - One More Party on Pride Weekend!

SuperMartxe (monthly Sunday party)

Venue: La Riviera

Paseo Bajo de La Virgin del Puerto, 3

Entrance : 20 euros before, 25 at door

Drinks : 9 a cocktail

Hey, although there are NO shortage of parties this weekend, if you want one more, plan on this: Supermartxe. Sunday this huge venue will be thumpin’ bumpin’ giving you one last blow out before the weekend official ends.

Muta Matadero x NOPHOTO


Muta Matadero

NOPHOTO, using the elements of past and present photographs and film, has created a world within a world – a photo exposition that seems to reflect in upon itself and then to expand out to the city that surrounds it: Madrid.

We are in a constant process of mutation, from the styles we wear to the language we speak, and on a grander scale, the cities that we are continuously building up and tearing apart and then again bridge by bridge, tunnel by tunnel, tower by tower, refurbishing, re-expanding, mutating to recreate.

Images of this destruction and creating, taken by this group of 14 photographers born between the 1968 and 1978, begin with the room itself – the old slaughterhouse refrigerator, its brick walls and pillars still intact and frozen in time. Where frozen carcasses once hung, now hang photography and video.

The exhibit brings the viewer through old photographs of giant pigs and cows hanging from their hooves, their ribs open to large shiny knives, poised in mid slash.

These become mixed with photocopies of paper advertising by immigrants who are looking to clean homes, give massage, take care of the elderly. Pictures hang of old Spaniards in love. A video plays consistently of old men reminiscing at the corner bar.

Then there are the photographs of the city itself, where Madrid is the true protagonist. Street corners in which you recognize the pattern of the brick or the flight of the pigeon. Tunnels of construction and the workers who sacrifice themselves in the belief of Madrid’s expansion. Its citizens are caught in moments of regularity, normality, moments I saw walking to the exhibit and faces I saw when I left. Moments that we are all a part of, living the everyday of Madrid.

Yet the cutting down and pasting up of the Matadero (slaughterhouse) itself and the neighborhoods that surround it are not exclusive. The whole of Madrid is a character with the same role. And it is her citizens who are digging, wiring, emigrating, dancing, conversing, processing, voting, draining, who are rigging the transformation of her flanks, slaughtering her to recreate.

More info: Matadero Madrid
Map: Paseo de la Chopera, 10