peSeta – Young Madrid Clothing Designers

Love, Love, Love

If you’re like me you never fathomed a successful fusion of the creative and the traditional – I’ve just been proven wrong.

There is only one peseta store located in Madrid which offers one-of-a-kind items handcrafted with “love, love, love.” Peseta products are also sold in stores around the world including Paris, Amsterdam, New York, and for the rest of us — online at Continue reading

Ladinamo – Underground Cafe

The Pirate Network!

Ladinamo is a cooperative cafe and cultural center that attracts the socially conscious crowd in Lavapiés for art exhibitions, concerts, and film and theatre workshops. In addition to free internet – yes, free internet! – La Dinamo offers a wide selection of freshly-made juices, exotic teas, vegetarian (and non-vegetarian) empanadas, drinks and all kinds of tantalizing baked goodies. Continue reading

Photoespaña 2007 – The Best Photography Show of the Year

Photoespaña 2007 - The Best Photography Show of the Year


Sexier than Your Ancestors

I think everyone would agree that there’s a monumental difference between dutifully studying your family tree and eagerly glancing around the room considering who you might want to perpetuate that particular tree with.

The two activities could be said to be different points on the same continuum, but your mind doesn’t exactly lapse into feverish excitement when contemplating your genealogy. Suffice it to say that the distance between these two points is considerable. Continue reading

Feria de la Tapa 2007 – Really cheap Tapas!

Feria de la Tapa 2007 - Really cheap Tapas!
Feria de Tapa, 2007
Thurs, May 31 to Sunday, June 3
noon to 16:30 and from 19h to 23h
Avenida de Felipe II (no number) or Jorge Juan, 99

Expand Your Cultural Horizons! Hyper-Extend Your Stomach! Drink Lots of Little Beers! All While Saving Money!

Get ready this week for the Feria de Tapa! Here is the perfect chance to sample all those little tapas you’ve been curious about, and at much reduced prices. Information on this lovely event is a bit hard to come by, but fortunately we attended last year and can give an approximation of how the event will unfold.

To begin with, some of the information we’ve seen advertises “free entry”, but read the small print, kids – they let you in free and then charge you for the food. However, don’t fret, the prices are really reasonable. Continue reading

Three Great Restaurants – Glorieta de Montera, Bazaar & La Finca de Susana

Glorieta de montera

Glorieta de Montera:
Caballero de Gracia, 10

Calle de la Libertad

La Finca de Susana:
Calle Arlaban, 4

Fine Dining For Less

Glorieta de Montera along with its sister restaurants La Finca de Susana and Bazaar stand out on the Madrid scene by striking an ingenious balance between fine dining and cheap eats.

All three Mediterrenean restaurants have the classic, white, minimalist décor injected with just enough creativity to keep them from teetering into the banal.

Polite staff and an ample and interesting menu may lead you to believe you’re going to get whopped by the bill, but Continue reading